Trans Orbit Pty Ltd (Navitel) understands that financial hardship may be experienced by our customers at some point in their account life cycle. We have designed a Financial Hardship Policy that outlines how Navitel can assist you and how we will manage customer accounts that are experiencing genuine financial hardship.

Financial Hardship

You may be experiencing Financial Hardship when you are unable to meet the financial obligations of your agreement with Navitel for reasonable causes over a limited or long period of time. Reasonable causes of financial hardship may include:

If you are experiencing financial hardship you may need assistance from us to change your payment and/or service arrangements so that your obligations to us can be met.

Customer Eligibility

If you are a residential customer or a small business customer and are experiencing financial hardship, this policy may apply to you. Navitel will assess your claim for eligibility and will consider your individual circumstances as part of the assessment. Please note that if you are simply experiencing temporary payment difficulty, this policy would not apply to you. Please call on 07-4051-9777 to discuss your situation.

How we can assist you

Navitel has dedicated representatives that have received specialist training to assist you or your authorised representative with your Financial Hardship claim.

Managing your claim

We may ask you to submit evidence to us to support your claim. Please refer to the section in this policy that lists types of evidence that we may ask from you.

Your responsibilities

Termination of the arrangement

Required documentation to support your claim

We may ask for any of the below types of evidence to support your claim of financial hardship:

Financial Counsellor

If you are facing financial difficulty, you may wish to consider obtaining advice from community financial counsellor or seek other assistance.

You can talk to a financial counsellor on 1-800-007-007 (MON-FRI 0930-1630) from anywhere Australia.